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2021 Festival

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Industry panels

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A Conversation with Panavision

Aaron Saffa
Guy McVicker
Mike Carter
Christine Carr

Dune - A Scholarly Panel

Dr. Kara Kennedy
Dr. Ian Campbell

Afrofuturism for Screenwriters

Isis Asare “Sistah Sci-fi”
Dr. Susana Morris
John Jennings
Ayana Jamieson

Women in Sci-Fi

Margaret Caragan
Niki (Veronika) De Jong
Dr. Ida Yoshinaga

Cinematography / Unit Photography

Mike Dallatorre
Boris Martin

Music in Sci-Fi Done Right

Jesse Goodwin
Scott Miller
Francesca Mormanni


Emily Dean
Jesse Atlas
Chris LeDoux
Federico Furzan

Meet this year's judges and learn more about the Judges Panel Discussion.

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