The Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival is presented by The Multicultural Sci-fi Organization (MCSFO) The mission of our annual sci-fi (sf) film festival is to provide screens for the finest independent sf films locally and internationally.  To increase cultural diversity and interest in SF film/tv, to inspire and strengthen the local sf film community by cultivating an engaged audience.

Creating independent sf films are becoming less intimidating with today’s technology. We're creating a fertile ground for nurturing new talent and explore concepts that are not often reflected in mainstream studio films.  With the support of our partners and sponsors, we're able to bring this unique experiential event to the city of Atlanta!

About the Morse Code Logo - like the morse code used for MCSFO and KWS, we wanted to keep it in the sf family.  The morse code design was shortened by leaving the last letter "F" off.

MCSFO -  Speaks One Language: SCI-FI!  We market and promote science fiction intellectual property. We promote, discuss and educate in the medium of science fiction and technology with a unique focus from an international perspective.   Supporting culturally diverse sf books and films that don’t fit the mold of the working definition of science fiction.   We encourage writers to create narratives filled with infinite possibilities that challenge us and question our perception of the future!  

About the MCSFO Morse Code Logo - we wanted a symbol that had a sf look and feel but was international.  And after scouring the internet, the universal Morse Code for MCSFO was born!  We then just carried it over to Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival and Kids with STEAM.



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