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Amanda Ray working with film crew

Sci-fi Film Festival

The mission of our annual sci-fi film festival is to provide screens for the finest independent sci-fi films locally and internationally, increase cultural diversity and interest in the genre, and inspires the local sci-fi community by cultivating engaging art.

Creating independent sci-fi films is becoming easier with today’s rapid-paced technological development. ASCIFFF nurtures new talent and supports concepts that are not often presented in mainstream media or studio films.
The festival was founded in 2015 by Amanda Ray with the goal of fostering rich science fiction storytelling and challenging perceptions of the intersection between technology and art.

HBO proudly supports the
2nd Annual Atlanta
Sci-fi Film Festival

We applaud MCSFO for bringing diversity to science fiction by celebrating all forms of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, and disabilities.

The Atlanta Sci-Film Festival is brought to you by

Multicultural Sci-fi Organization

MCSFO markets and promotes science fiction intellectual property. We are committed to supporting and encouraging rich storytelling, filled with infinite possibilities that challenge us and question our perception of the future.

MCSFO -  Speaks One Language: SCI-FI!

4 people standing on stage at Westworld Festival including Amanda Ray