Children of Perseverance Valley

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Film Reviews from4th & 5th Grade Students

"One thing I like about this film is the idea of "Girl Power" and a little boy, means you can do anything no matter age or gender."

"I liked how th e an insight to what it is like to live on Mars and being able to break expectations of only boys going to space."

"I liked the part where the stars created the people."

"They were being leaders."

"I liked how the kids went to mars instead of adults."

"I liked it because it showed that even kids can do big things."

"I liked that more girls were showcased.  I liked the storyline."

"I liked the film because it was problem solving."

"I like this story because the kids was trying to work together and went to mars and plant vegetables.  It was so cool.  Thank you for showing this movie to us."

"I liked that the kids who went to mars were mostly girls."

"I liked how it included vocabulary."

"Being in school can help you succeed!"

"I liked how it gave you some facts about them and Mars."


Samantha McEachin-Ifill
Samantha McEachin-Ifill