Girl & Robot

Animation | CGI


Film Reviews from 4th & 5th Grade Students

"I liked the lesson that this film taught.  The robot was able to act on it's own, and even though the girl got frustrated and blew up the robot, it still saved her life, and helped her realize that she should have stepped back and looked at what was going on instead of getting frustrated."

"I liked that the girl had perseverance."

"She needed engineering to make the robot, math to program it, technology to make it work, art to draw blue prints and science to also program it."

"The animation is good for a 2008 film!"

"It was well thought out and well animated."

"I like this film because it was beautiful how the robot saved the girls life."

"I liked that it teaches you a lesson to

not give up!"

"I think it was good for school."

"The quality of the film was very good, especially as it was made 10 years ago."

"Creative, Emotional and Imaginative"

"I like how it gives you the punch

without dialogue."

"She learned from her mistakes.  Take step by step to make something succeed."

"I liked it because she learned a lesson about being more patient."

"It shows what will happen if you get too angry, and didn't pay attention on how to fix it."


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Mads Dam Jakobsen
Mads Dam Jakobsen