The Golden Record

Live Action


The Film introduces Taino (24), a passionate young student who lives in Nassau, Bahamas. Taino is frequently found daydreaming and lost in thought despite the gorgeous backdrop of paradise. As someone who always has his head in the clouds, he struggles to find his place in the world. And though he tries to build relationships, his only real friend is Elina. Elina (23) is a bubbly, outspoken islander whose mantra in life is to be present in all moments. She never rushes to get anywhere on time and stops whenever possible to admire the beauty around her.In spite of being so different Taino and Elina are inseparable. They help each other study, watch movies together, read comic books together (usually initiated by Taino), tease one another (mostly done by Elina), and visits their favorite spot on the beach often. They have an easy-going life and are surrounded by beauty but things are not as they seem.On a specific morning, Taino seems deeply troubled and is rehearsing a conversation with himself in the mirror. A heavy secret has been weighing on him and he has been wanting to tell Elina for a long time. Though he has tried to tell her on multiple occasions, the timing has never been right.Finally, the time comes. Taino mentally prepares himself and begins the hard conversation. He spends most of his time prefacing the topic to make it easier to reveal his secret. Elina, outspoken as ever, urges him to get to the point. With hands trembling and sweat pouring, Taino reveals that he is an extraterrestrial brought to Earth with no clues to his past besides his treasured possession, The Golden Record from Voyager One.


United States
Brandon Thomas
Rachel Thomas, Kyle Ferguson, Brandon C. Thomas
Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas

Elena Ester

Chase Fernander

Xander Sherman

Jaquay Adderley