Jesse Goodwin


In hushed tones, executives whisper about a being only known as “The Fixer”, “The Man with the Golden Ear” or simply: “Mr. Hears Good.” They say most of tinsel town’s biggest blockbusters would be utter flops without his musical touch to their marketing campaigns.  How does he always find the perfect song? How did he negotiate that license? Is it really possible that every custom track he produces elicits deep emotional reactions and brand loyalty? Did he actually discover the Baja Men? 

The truth may never be unveiled. 

This is what we know: After nearly a decade of Music Supervision and Creative Direction at some of L.A.’s top agencies, working for all the major studios, countless campaigns and 2 Best Music GTA awards; He has decided the life of a solo hero is not enough. By joining forces with The Hit House and their super squad, our Auditory Crusader can now destroy every sonically mundane spot, all over-sync’d placements and each blandly scored commercial that still plague our world.