MCSFO Podcasts

Our team of podcast hosts dissect our favorite sci-fi/fantasy movies, comics, novels, and TV shows, while discussing topics of diversity and inclusion across genres. We'll dive deep into new technology and gaming used in these worlds and announce news on special events produced by MCSFO.

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Red Wine & Sci-fi

Guest hosts takes an in depth philosophical look into some of the most thought provoking science fiction films and tv series! #redwineandscifi

Sci-fi Creative Corner

Enjoy a season of candid conversations with some of the most talented filmmakers in the industry creating within the science fiction, fantasy and comics genres.

Each episode will cover the artists current projects, current changes and/or challenges in the industry, and how they got into the business and will be hosted by Amanda Ray and special surprise guests. #scificreativecorner

Audience Review:
Advanced Screening

MCSFO captures authentic reactions and reviews from the audience as soon as they come out from an advance movie screening! SPOILER ALERT: The recordings are a mix of spoiler and non-spoiler reviews! We will do our best to keep the Spoiler Free portion of the review at the beginning of the recording. #audiencereviewadvancescreenings

If It Were Us

In this new show of 8 episodes, Austin and Andy will put themselves in sci-fi, horror or supernatural TV shows and movies with especially stupid characters, and try at least to make some better life choices.

Along the way they’ll talk about how stories are made, how to survive dangerous situations and lots more! If It Were Us is one of several new shows sponsored by the MCSFO Podcast. #ifitwereus