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Our team of podcast hosts will dissect our favorite sci-fi/f comic movies, novels and TV shows.
Discuss diversity and inclusion or lack thereof, in the sci-fi/fantasy and comic book genres. We'll dive deep into new technology and gaming used in these worlds.  And announce news on special events produced by MCSFO.
Season 3
Episode 22:  Gemini Man Advanced Screening Review
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding
PUBLISHED: Oct 11, 2019
DURATION:   14:40

Live podcast reaction at the advanced screening of Gemini Man with MCSFO crew Oct 8, 2019. 
Review from Tariq, Amanda, Dre, Zonga Fielding, Myles Evans and more.

Here's some words that were used to describe this action packed, VFX heavy film starring Will Smith.!
"The person who wrote this movie played a lot of Metal Gear games!"
"Good job playing two separate characters"
"Nice to get The Fresh Prince to play opposite Will Smith."
"Would this technology have the same affect with an actor we've never seen young, like Morgan Freeman?" 
Episode 21:  The Joker Advanced Screening Review
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding
PUBLISHED: Oct 10, 2019
DURATION:   17:53

Live podcast reaction at The Joker advanced screening with MCSFO Oct 1, 2019. 
Review from  Roni, JB, Tariq, Brandon, Theo, Chae, Dre, Coach, Zonga Fielding, Brad Baker, AR.

After taking a few minutes to gather our thoughts, here's some words that were used to describe one of the most anticipated films of the year!
"I feel like I just did drugs"
"It's different"
"Best character piece of the year"
"Did nothing to help rid the stigma of mental illness"
"A stand alone piece outside the Batman lore"
"What did I just see"
"Gotham was the real villain in this movie"
"Joaquin Phoenix played the true nature of the Joker"
"This was rough, hard to watch"
"Batman comic fans won't like the detail and timeline issues"
Episode 20:  Miikshi the Meek Sheep by Justin & Lindsay Lee (KWS Winner 2019)
(Part 1 of 4)
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, guest Justin Lee and Lindsay Lee
PUBLISHED: July 6, 2019
DURATION:   26:10
What is a Miikshi you ask?

Miikshi the Meek Sheep in The Cosmic Potato, is the winner of the Best S.T.E.A.M. Short in the 2019 Kids with S.T.E.A.M. Sci-fi Film Festival! Director Justin Lee and writer Lindsay Lee is today's guest in this 4 part episode.   Justin Lee - puppeteer, graphic designer and voice actor. Lindsay Lee - voice actor, puppeteer and member of the Honeyball Puppetry troupe.  Under their production company Gazelle Automations, they're in full swing with the production of a new series of Miikshi the Meek Sheep on Shaftesbury Kids Youtube Channel early 2020.

In this episode we cover:
-The making of Miikshi.
-How did you get into the field of puppetry.
-Their inspiration, the late puppeteer Shari Lewis and her lovable Lamb Chop.
-How did you meet and begin working together as a couple.

This fun and cute live-action puppet short is about shy sheep scientist Miikshi who just launched a potato into orbit, and her journalist best friend Chickelyna begs for the first radio interview. Miikshi's fear of public speaking soon takes back seat when her science experiment is on a collision course with Mibukiville!
Episode 19:  Miikshi the Meek Sheep by Justin & Lindsay Lee (KWS Winner 2019)
(Part 2 of 4)
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, guest Justin Lee and Lindsay Lee
PUBLISHED: July 6, 2019
DURATION:   34:41
In part 2 of this very informative interview with Justin and Lindsay Lee we cover:

- Their experience working on new Thunderbirds episodes from the 1960's recording with the late Richard Gregory!
- The connection between Team America and the British 60's Thunderbirds and Stingray.
- How they received funding through The Canadian Independent Production Fund - IPF.
- Support received from Shaftesbury Films by premiering Miikshi on Shaftesbury Kids YouTube Channel.
- What we can expect from the new series.
- The differences between working with, marionettes and hand puppets.
- How Miikshi and her best friend Chickelyna got their names.
- How Lindsay created this story and wrote it to entertain parents as well as a co-viewing audience of 6-9yr olds.
- Some lessons kids can learn from watching this lovable puppet.

Episode 18:  Miikshi the Meek Sheep by Justin & Lindsay Lee (KWS Winner 2019)
(Part 3 of 4)
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, guest Justin Lee and Lindsay Lee
PUBLISHED: July 6, 2019
DURATION:   34:12
In part 3 we continue with the following:

- Some lessons kids can learn from watching this lovable puppet from interpersonal messages, scientific and educational components and finding pride in hard to pronounce names.
- Sparking an interest in science with girls as well as giving boys a new perspective on girl leaders in STEM.
- How long Lindsay has been making puppets, what are they made of and how many she owns.
- How many episodes in the new season and production dates.
- Their experience filming behind a pizza shop for the first short.

Episode 17:  Miikshi the Meek Sheep by Justin & Lindsay Lee (KWS Winner 2019)
(Part 4 of 4)
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, guest Justin Lee and Lindsay Lee
PUBLISHED: July 6, 2019
DURATION:   28:44
In this last episode we cover:
- How they found such great crew members for this film such as, Jeff Mackey from Discovery Channel.
- Inspiring kids to go into the field of puppetry through this film and take classes at Atlanta's Center for Puppetry Arts.
- Using puppets in science fiction filmmaking such as friends working on Supermarionation on PBS.
- Working with Stop-Motion and how technology has made the process any easier without losing the original look.
- How VFX can work with this type of art form.

Look out for Miikshi the Meek Sheep new series premiering on Shaftesbury Kids YouTube Channel early 2020!

Episode 16:  The Missing Element by Michaela Olabisi (KWS Winner 2019)
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, guest Michaela Olabisi
PUBLISHED: July 6, 2019
DURATION:   26:27
Can you name any African American Female Scientists? 

High School student filmmaker, Michaela Olabisi asked this question to her peers in the docu-short, The Missing Element.  This film won a special Jury Award for Best Student Documentary Short in the 2019 Kids with S.T.E.A.M. Sci-fi Film Festival!  Michaela is today's guest on a special podcast series.

Michaela is a recent graduate of Raw Art Works, and the Reel to Reel Film school, where she completed her documentary short.  
She also received a full scholarship to Vassar College in New York.  In this interview, she shares her reasons for creating this docu-short and her plans to add her name to the growing list of African American Women in STEAM!

Episode 14:  X-Mens: Dark Phoenix Drops the Mic!
HOSTS:  JBSmith, Zonga Fielding, and Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: June 10, 2019
DURATION:   13:09

Dark Phoenix drops the mic with the worst debut in the franchise's history (according to studio estimates)!  However, if you were studying the mating habits of the Aye-aye in the remote jungles of Madagascar for the last 20 years, and never saw or heard of an X-Men film, then you probably enjoyed it!  

After seeing an advanced screening of the last Fox X-Men movie Dark Phoenix, everyone was pretty fired up! So what you’re about to listen to is filled with SPOILERS, harsh language and brutal honesty about this film. There was even a split reaction of Fans vs Familiars!  No one held back and was pretty opinionated about this film. So in this podcast we spoke with: Natasha Mayet, Darion D’Anjou, Akil Dupont, Tariq Simmons, Dre Bravo, Marcel Williams, Couple & Friends Podcasters – Mr. & Mrs. Zonga Fielding, Amanda Ray and kicking off the conversation is JB Smith. 

Episode 13:  Godzilla: KOTM Review- What they got right and Very wrong!
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding, JBSmith, Amanda Ray and guests:Darion D'Anjou, Glenn Callwood, Tariq Simmons, Natasha Mayet, Gerald Fisher, and Akil Dupont.
PUBLISHED: May 29, 2019
DURATION:   43:26

In this unedited, raw, unfiltered, spoiler review of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we express our excitement and love for these kaiju and our disappointment in the filmmakers for choosing actors over these beloved creatures.  Immediately following an advance screening of Godzilla, we all have strong opinions of this film and get into heated debates between die-hard fans and familiars. This movie was like watching a boxing referee constantly throwing himself in the ring for no reason and stopping the fight. Or basketball players getting fouled every 3 minutes for no reason.  Just let them fight!!

Episode 12:  King Ghidora - Godzilla's Arch-rival - (Kaiju Series)
HOSTS:  John Ruff, and Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: May 26, 2019
DURATION:   22:24
Where did Ghidorah come from?  Why did Godzilla have such a hard time beating him? Where did it get its name?  In today’s episode we answer all of these questions and more!  We delve into the history, of the Golden King, Monster Zero, the Demon of the Galaxy, the Supreme Ruler of the Cosmos, the three-headed dragon  himself King Ghidorah!

Win/Loss Stats in preparation of KOTM release

: 43 - 4 - 3 (All losses against Mothra, Main Character)
-Mothra: 9 - 8 - 0 (Guardian of the Earth and constantly is reborn, i.e. can’t really die)
-Ghidorah: 4 - 8 - 1 (Evil dragon king that usually takes a team to defeat)
-Rodan: 2 - 4 - 1 (Rodan is unaffected by both Godzilla’s atomic breath and Ghidorah’s Gravity Beams, but is not physically strong enough to really damage either of them)
Episode 11:  Interview with John Ruffin - Kaiju Toy Photographer (Kaiju Series)
HOSTS:  John Ruff, and Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: May 23, 2019
DURATION:   40:35
Have you heard of Toy Photography?  Either way, you're in for a special treat!  In today's special Kaiju episode, Kaiju Toy Photographer, John Ruffin shares his love of kaiju, TV appearance on Japanese TV Asahi, his experience living in Japan, and how he got started creating toy photography.  John also has My Kaiju Magazine - a full-color fanzine of Godzilla toy photographers, fans and collectors! Click here

Check out his work at MyKaiju.com
Episode 10:  Interview with Director of See You Yesterday, Stefon Bristol
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, Darion Danjou and Zonga Fielding
PUBLISHED: May 15, 2019
DURATION:   8:16
Some Spoilers!
After watching the advanced screening of See You Yesterday - a Spike Lee produced film, written and directed by Stefon Bristol, we ran into the director and asked for a quick interview of which he agreed!  He talked about his experience working with Spike Lee and using his classic shots, the heavy but necessary content for young adults and how he integrated his own culture in the film!
See You Yesterday will be available on Netflix Friday May 17th.
Episode 9:  Toho’s Iron Godzilla - Mechagodzilla Part 2 of 2 (Kaiju Series)
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding and JB Smith
PUBLISHED: May 12, 2019
DURATION:   21:32
Is Mechagodzilla stronger than Godzilla? We compare Mechagodzilla’s sentient transformation and nano technology to Iron Man’s in Avengers: Infinity War and how Godzilla couldn't stand a chance against this technology.  Breaking down more history and back story on Mechagodzilla,  Dissecting the plot and battles with Rodan Mothra, Gidora, and Godzilla in the upcoming KOTM movie. And discussing the pros and cons of previous Mechagodzilla designs.
Episode 8:  Toho’s Iron Godzilla - Mechagodzilla Part 1 of 2 (Kaiju Series)
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding and JB Smith
PUBLISHED: Apr 28, 2019
DURATION:   23:13
What if Tony Stark made a suit for Godzilla? It would look just like Mechagodzilla!
In today’s episode we are back again with another kaiju from the Toho company. This time it's the Silver King of the Monsters, the Anti-Godzilla Super Weapon, Mechagodzilla!  Giving updates for KOTM such as: the running time which is 132 min (2hrs 12min).  
Here's another teaser fun fact, Japanese band Alexandros is doing the theme for the movie entitled “Pray,” which will be performed at the Japanese release of the film!
Episode 7:  Gamera's Battles, On and Off Screen (Kaiju Series)
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding and JB Smith
PUBLISHED: Apr 7, 2019
DURATION:   22:46
Switching gears from Toho, The production company responsible for Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and their extensive history, to their rival company Daiei Films, famous for Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, then created Gamera.  The first two Gamera movies of the shows era had a serious tone to them, but the rest would take a more comedic and childish tone to appeal to children.  
What was supposed to be an answer to Godzilla and cash-in on the growing Kaiju film genre, became popular in the US in the 1970s due to their absurdity.  

We discuss the serious political and social political beef behind this battle.  The initial film was not made with a message like most other Kaiju films of its time, which were metaphors for weapons, wars, tyrannical governments, the fear of the “other”.  But for kids in the states, Gamera was that lovable flying turtle coming to save the day!

Will Gamera make an appearance in Godzila King of the Monsters?  We shall see soon enough! 

Episode 6:  Godzilla vs Frankenstein?? Whaaat! (Kaiju Series)
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding and Amanda
PUBLISHED: Mar 19, 2019
DURATION:   26:60
Yes, Frankenstein was once a Kaiju!  As crazy as this sounds, it was even crazier watching it.
In this episode, we discuss: a little history of how and why Frankenstein came on the scene, what he looked like, how he was created and why in the world of Kaiju was he fighting the fire-breathing dinosaur we lovingly call Godzilla!!  We also give some background info on what inspired director, Ishiro Honda to create these two on screen.   And what crazy dream screenwriter Takeshi Kimura - who wrote Rodan, Destroy all Monsters, and King Kong Escapes – had to inspire this mash-up. Will also cover the first full-fledged collaboration between the Japanese and American cinema industries.

Episode 5:  Is Captain Marvel Ready for Thanos?
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding, JB Smith and Amanda
PUBLISHED: Mar 10, 2019
DURATION:   26:00
In this Live podcast review of Captain Marvel after an advanced screening, the following people agreed and strongly disagreed on some questions we asked.  (Guests - Dre, Natasha Mayet, Jennifer Molnar and Akil DuPont)

- Was this a better origin story than other Marvel movies?
- Comparing Captain Marvel’s wrecking action to other Marvel superheroes like Blade.
- Certain scenes were reminiscent of Star Trek movies.
- Comparing Brie Larson to Gal Gadot in Wonder Women.
- Did this film have a bit of a Superman feel to it?
- Did it handle the pressure to succeed given Marvel’s first female led superhero movie?
- Was Brie Larson believable in having the power to destroy Thanos? or is Thanos in trouble?
- Fitting 90’s music and fashion with the NIN (Nine Inch Nails) t-shirt.
- Talos played by Ben Mendelsohn did a great job acting through his make-up and was very funny charismatic.
- Ranked Captain Marvel from a scale of 1-10.
- A missed opportunity to pull us into a bigger cause than her own.
- Kevin Feige’s decision making for this film.
- The actresses that played Carol Danvers best friend Maria Rambeau played by Lashana Lynch and her daughter Monica Rambeau,  played by Akira Akbar, were fantastic!   And the passing of Carol's jacket to Monica sparked conversation about their backstories in the comic books. Like Monica becoming the next Captain Marvel and characters: Kree warrior Mar-Vell and Captain Britain.

Episode 4:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Ben Brown, Michael LaNasa
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Mar 3, 2019 (recorded Dec 2018)
DURATION:   46:26
One of the creepiest sci-fi thrillers, Listening, received rave reviews at the 2018 Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival!  Director, Co-Writer Ben Brown and Director of Photography Michael LaNasa talk about the making of this film and how they found such great actors to play out this well written film.  In this Spoiler-Free interview we cover:
The origins of the story
The actors and their relationship to one another
Networking with Backward Slate Productions
Plans for the future of this short film
Episode 3:  Rodan - Friend or Foe  (Kaiju Series part 2)
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding and JB Smith
PUBLISHED: Mar 3, 2019
DURATION:   23:50
Rodan is one of the most beloved kaiju characters!  Although he first appeared with Godzilla as an enemy in1964’s Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster, but later in the film he became an ally to Godzilla to save their world from the alien dragon.

Here's a little snippet of what was covered in this podcast.
History of Rodan and how he will be portrayed in the new movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters.
The new film will pay tribute original score created by composer Akira Ifukube.  
Rodan original film was released in 1956 titled Radon, but was changed to Rodan for English Audiences and so it would not be mistaken for the element Radon.
- Rodan’s original name was Radon which is short for what they are, which are Pteranodons
- Just as Godzilla was about the threat of nuclear war, Rodan was about the threat of the Soviet Union and is the embodiment of such
- Rodan's debut appearance was the first and only time that the character was given a chestnut color. It originally had a menacing face .
 with a jagged, toothed beak, which would disappear in later incarnations as the character became more heroic.

Episode 2:  Lady Mothra - (Kaiju Series part 1)
HOSTS:  Zonga Fielding and JB Smith
PUBLISHED: Feb 17, 2019
DURATION:   48:32
New contributing podcast co-hosts, Zonga Fielding and JB Smith will cover the new Kaiju series!  And in preparation for Godzilla: King of Mosters (KOTM) movie coming out in May 31st.  They will cover the beautiful Lady Mothra and discuss the following:

KOTM Movie will tie into the original Gojira film: This film will also use practical effects and creature designs, for example Mothra having longer legs to defend itself from other KaijuThe film will also pay tribute to Akira Ifukube’s original Godzilla score, hopefully this means we will hear the class themeBrief history of Kaiju Films as a whole and Godzilla's impactThe word "Kaiju" first appears in the Chinese Classic of Mountains and Seas, which is about Mythic geography and mythical beastsWe have all heard the term Kaiju, but what does it mean; The term kaiju translates to "strange beast". It is a science fiction and fantasy giant creature that often takes the role of either antagonist, protagonist, or force of natureJapanese Kaiju films and shows traditionally used suitmation which was basically a guy in a suit; interestingly enough this is still employed even in today’s kaiju films and shows, while western kaiju films utilized stop-motion
Episode 1:  Love n' Sci-fi - A Valentine's Day Special
HOSTS:  Amanda R
PUBLISHED: Feb 15, 2019
DURATION:   48:32
Ms. Ray is back with the annual Love n' Sci-fi episode where she covers all the love in this world and beyond! :p
SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen any of the content discussed in this podcast.
Shows and movies mentioned are:

The Arrival - Louis & Ian
Westworld - Aketcheta & Kohana, Maeve & Hector
Black Panther - Ta'Chala & Nakia
Black Mirror - San Juniper's Yorkie & Kelly
Stranger Things - Eleven & Mike
Altered Carbon - Takashi & Quell
The Theory of Everything - Stephen & Mary Hawking
And LOTS More!!!
Season 2
Episode 65:  2018 Sci-fi Year-in-Review
HOSTS:  Colin, Zak, Ellie Collins, Amanda R
PUBLISHED: Dec 31, 2018
DURATION:   45:09
Ellie and Zak join Amanda discuss this year's best films & shows like Black Panther, Westworld, Annihilation, Venom, Solo, KIN, Black Mirror, Overlord, A Quiet Place and more!  We're putting them into this year's list of:

Best visual effects
Netflix hits & misses
Best hard sf film of the year
Best streaming TV & films
Most disappointed films
Most under-rated
Top sf movies of the year
And most diverse sf show
Episode 64:  AQUAMAN Screening, Live Fan Reaction
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray & Aquaman Fans
PUBLISHED: Dec 24, 2018
DURATION:   28:55
Another special live podcast was recorded during an advance screening of AQUAMAN in Atlanta on Tuesday Dec 18th.
Amanda speaks with excited fans and friends after the screening in the theater and later over drinks at a bar.  We break down why this DC film worked, and what we can expect for the sequel. And props to the great cast: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and the awesome Willem Dafoe!

Music by Black_Agnes Four-O-Six
Episode 63:  Bumblebee Screening Fan Reaction
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray & Bumblebee Fans
PUBLISHED: Dec 24, 2018
DURATION:   12:07
This special live podcast was during an advance screening of Bumblebee in Atlanta on Monday Dec 17th.
Amanda speaks with excited fans before and after the screening. Some fans express what makes this movie different than all the other Transformer films and speaks with the winner of the Bumblebee Trivia. Strong female lead by Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie paid off well for this franchise! And it was a surprise treat to see Angela Bassett!

Music by Phillip_Gross_FeRieN
Episode 62:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Jesse Atlas
HOSTS:  Amanda, Darion D'Anjou
PUBLISHED: Dec 23, 2018
DURATION:   43:03
Amanda and guest co-host, Darion D’Anjou speak with Jesse Atlas, director of Let Them Die Like Lovers – recipient of the Jury Award for Best Sci-fi Short at the 2018 Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival and was also screened at the 2018 Tribeca film festival!  Here’s a bit of what we covered.

Jesse revealed plans for a feature version of Let Them Die Like Lovers!  He explains how he found the following talented actors for this film - Angela Lewis who plays Alexa and Mustafa Shakir plays Marco (and Bushmaster in Marvel’s Luke Cage). And veteran actor, Bradley Fisher - the Weathered man (and in HBO's Westworld as the Mariposa Bartender)!  Jesse discuss how he and his writing partner Aaron Wolfe of Autonomika, came up with the story idea.His transition from theater writing to film.Simple techniques used to create sci-fi tech on a budget
Jesse also discuss how he transitioned from writing for theater to film.  And shares valuable lessons he learned on the importance of empowering your filmmaking team on a project.
Episode 61:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Dominique Filhol Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Amanda, Jessica Nicole Pujols
PUBLISHED: Nov 18, 2018
DURATION:   26:33
In the second half of our interview with, Dominique Filhol - director of The Nine Billion Names for God, based on the Arthur C. Clarke short story of the same name, Jessica asks the following questions:

1. How much research went into your representation of the Tibetan monks?
2. With some adaptations of novels and short stories, there is immense pressure to make sure you do the original work, and the original author justice.  Did you feel any of that with this short film?  If so, was it more focused on the author or the short story?

Festival goer, Pooja who saw the film, actually been to Tibet and met the monks.  She found some of the representation in this short film to be inaccurate.  But after reading the short story, the film was definitely better than the short story with respect to the way the monks are portrayed.
Episode 60:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Dominique Filhol Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Amanda, Jessica Nicole Pujols
PUBLISHED: Nov 18, 2018
DURATION:   26:34
We are SO excited to be interviewing, Dominique Filhol director of The Nine Billion Names for God, adapted from Author C. Clarke short story.  This short was selected at our 2018 Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival and it was one of the most visually stunning and well acted films in the festival!  Here's some questions we were burning to ask in this 2 part episode.

1. Did you shoot this film on location in Tibet and were the actors real Monks?  If so, how did you get them to do this film??
2. What was your budget for this film?
3. How did you find the great actors for this project?
4. I'm sure finding musicians and music for films can be a real challenge.  How did you find the people to score your short film?  I found a French version of the “Making of the Music for the Nine Billion Names of God” on Vimeo. Is there an english version?  
5. Why did you choose this particular short story?  Were you specifically looking to do an adaptation of an Arthur C. Clarke short story?
If so why this one?
6. Very few things were cut from the original story, did you feel like this limited your ability to be creative and artistic with the adaptation?  And what made you choose those specific moments and lines of dialogue?
Episode 59:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Emily Dean Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Amanda
PUBLISHED: Oct 21, 2018
DURATION:   23:35
In the second half of this episode, Amanda continues with more questions for filmmaker Emily Dean.

What challenges did you face while filming this movie or trying to get it made?
Where did the idea for the story come from?
What are your plans for Andromeda?  After the festival circuit will you release it online?
Coming from a storyboard background, with no experience in creating alive-action film, how did you convince the actors and crew to do this project with you?
What did you learn doing this film 
Is Andromeda have the potential to become a feature film?

Episode 58:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Emily Dean Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Amanda
PUBLISHED: Oct 21, 2018
DURATION:   23:43
In part 1 of this 2 part episode, Amanda welcomes Women in Sci-fi honoree, director Emily Dean.  Emily directed her first short, Andromeda, which was selected in this year's Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival.  Here's some questions she answered: 

How did you get started in the filmmaking business?
What made you choose a science fiction narrative for your first live action film?
How did you find the great actors for this project?
Will you create more sci-fi films?
Episode 57:  First Man & The Predator Review
HOSTS:  Amanda
PUBLISHED: Oct 17, 2018
DURATION:   24:20
Your host Amanda, gives a quick spoiler-free review of both First Man and The Predator and which review she agrees and disagrees with.  In First Man she points out similarities between wife Janet Armstrong played by Claire Foy and Theory of Everything - Jane Hawking, played by Felicity Jones.

Although nothing beats the original Predator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the first AVP (Alien vs Predator) with Sinaa Lathan, here's some reasons why this new re-boot gave a lifeline to the franchise.

Episode 56:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Action VFX Interview
HOSTS:  Amanda, Co-hosts Mason Demerieux and Andre Jarboe with Guests, Rodolphe Pierre-Louis and Luke Thompson
PUBLISHED: Sept 24, 2018
DURATION:   35:34
Mason Demerieux, Andre Jarboe and Amanda Ray, interview Action VFX - CEO Rodolphe Pierre-Louis and COO Luke Thompson, visual effects company, serving the visual effects industry.  Here's a list of some questions we asked:

What is the best way for someone to get into visual effects?
What programs do you use the most for creating visual effects?
What is a typical work day like?What was your biggest project?
What was your hardest project?
What are some of the biggest misconceptions about creating visual effects?

Episode 55:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Darion D'Anjou Part 4 of 4
HOSTS:  Guest Darion D'Anjou, Co-host Andre Jarboe
with Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Aug 26, 2018
DURATION:   31:02
For part 2 of this interview with Darion D'Anjou, we continue asking some interesting and tough questions about his experience as a black science fiction film director.

1. How do you know when the story is complete? 
2. How do you keep your stories original? 
3. What is a typical day on set?
Episode 54:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Darion D'Anjou Part 3 of 4
HOSTS:  Guest Darion D'Anjou, Co-host Andre Jarboe
with Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Aug 26, 2018
DURATION:   30:16
In this 3rd episode with Darion D'Anjou, answers more of our probing questions.

1. Where do you start when you get a project?
2. What are some of the misconceptions about making a film and the industry as a whole?
3. What is the one mistake most filmmakers make, regardless of experience?
Episode 53:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Darion D'Anjou Part 2 of 4
HOSTS:  Guest Darion D'Anjou, Co-host Andre Jarboe
with Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Aug 26, 2018
DURATION:   30:32
For part 2 of this interview with Darion D'Anjou, we continue asking some interesting questions about his experience as a black science fiction film director.

1. How long have you been making films? 
2. What do you like most about making films? 
3. What makes a film great for you?
Episode 52:  Sci-fi Creative Corner Series - Darion D'Anjou Part 1 of 4
HOSTS:  Guest Darion D'Anjou, Co-host Andre Jarboe
with Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Aug 26, 2018
DURATION:   31:38
Our special guest today is Darion D'Anjou, writer and director of the sci-fi short, HOP (full short on Vimeo)  It was the official selection in the 2017 Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival. And our co-host today is Andre Jarboe. 

Throughout this 4 part series, these are some questions we asked Darion.  
1. What inspied you to make films?
2. What roadblocks did you face when you were starting out?
3. What would you say to your younger self about the industry? 
Episode 51:  KIN Movie Review
HOSTS:  Amanda R. with guest Natasha Mayet
PUBLISHED: Aug 23, 2018
DURATION:   38:20

Special guest Natasha Mayet joins Amanda in discussing the new sci-fi movie KIN, which will be released Aug 31st.  But they had the pleasure to see an advance screening of the film and meet with the directors Jon and Josh Baker and lead actor Myles Truitt!

They kick it off with a bit of background on Natasha, an actress who grew up  South Africa and India and loves sci-fi as well as vampire movies!  They also discuss:  How well the actors did in this film and Myles Truitt 2nd film experience.  And how he will inspire other under-represented actors to get into the science fiction genre.  And Jack Reynor's strong performance as well the awesome work of the Baker brothers and Zoe Kravitz!
Episode 50:  3rd Annual Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival News 1
HOSTS:  Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: Aug 12, 2018
DURATION:   22:29
Amanda announces the date of the 3rd Annual Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival!  She also covers the following:

Film Categories
Increase in film submissions from African Americans, Women and International films
Types of films received
Reason for this year's late festival announcement
Voting for your favorite sf film
Volunteer positions available
Launching the New Atl Film Fest Facebook and Instagram pages!
Episode 49:  Why you Should Watch Netflix's Extinction
HOSTS:  Amanda R. with guest Natasha Mayet 
PUBLISHED: Aug 5 2018
DURATION:   16:20

Today's host, Amanda gives her reasons as to why you should give Netflix's Extinction a chance.  Here are the highlights:Following familiar alien invasion tropes was there to just throw you off and make the twist that much more juicy! Great twist making the humans the invading aliens and the A.I. the innocent ones. Agreed this film has a lot of issues, but other sf films like A Quiet Place got rave reviews, but wasn't fully worthy of all that praise!   Did critics throw Extinction into the sucks bucket based on previous Netflix sf movies, before even giving it a chance??  We have such high expectations from Netflix movies now, can they ever meet their own bar?
Is it a coincidence that most, (if not all) of the sci-fi films with a diverse cast, are the one’s having the plot and rating problems?  Probably, but it's still a bit disappointing.  What do you guys think??  Tell us on our Facebook page.
Episode 48:  NEW Sci-Fi Creative Corner Series - Cashell Horgan Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Amanda R. Guest: Cashell Horgan
PUBLISHED: July 22, 2018
DURATION:   29:20
The new Sci-fi Creative Corner - Every 4th Sunday in the Month, we will interview different sci-fi creatives from directors, actors, VFX, SFX Make-up artists, Wardrobe Designers to Film Composers!  In part 2 of our interview with Cashell Horgan, Director of the short film, The Clockmakers Dream.  Cashell discuss his years teaching film in Ireland, using combination of puppet animation and CGI to make Clockmakers Dream.  How to find the right cast and crew!  Just wrapped a new fantasy film short based on Ancient Lights by Algernon Blackwood created in 1912.  Also just did a dark fantasy animated short with the Irish Film Board.  Why Clockmakers Dream was a perfect fit for The Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival!  What does Irish culture look like in science fiction narratives. Look out for the Clockmakers Dream on Shorts TV Coming Soon!
Episode 47:  NEW Sci-Fi Creative Corner Series - Cashell Horgan Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Amanda R. Guest: Cashell Horgan
PUBLISHED: July 22, 2018
DURATION:   29:20
The new Sci-fi Creative Corner - Every 4th Sunday in the Month, we will interview different sci-fi creatives from directors, actors, VFX, SFX Make-up artists, Wardrobe Designers to Film Composers! For the first episode in our new series, Amanda interviews, Cashell Horgan, Director of the short film, The Clockmakers Dream. In the 2 part interview Cashell shares his experience creating this film in Ireland and winning over 20 awards at film festivals around the world!
Episode 46:  WW Wed Season Finale "Passengers" S2, E10 - Part 4 of 4
HOSTS:   Colin, Zak, Ellie Collins, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: July 18, 2018
DURATION:   27:51
To conclude our final episode review of Westworld Finale, Passenger, we're covering the following:
Even after Teddy & Deloris were "woke," their love affair was so boring compared to the hot, sexy love between Maeve and Hector!  

Elle’s favorite post found online, "WW ended with all the people of power are strong people of color and one crazy white women! ”Speculating season 3 may be similar to the 1980 TV series, Beyond WW.  We may do a podcast on it in preparation for season 3.  

Lisa Joy promised a lot for season 3!  If we don’t get it we’ll just go to Lisa Joy’s house like they did in the Portlandia sketch on Battlestar Galatica, “One More Episode!” LOL  Here’s what she said in an interview on The Wrap -  and the Hollywood Reporter -
Stubs host reveal, looking forward to seeing his character grow in season 3.How many human main characters are left on the show?

The music of WW!! Our favorite part of the show, the theme song played for Maeve, WuTang’s “Crème” song and Radiohead music used a Lot (Codex)! It’s genius how they use songs and lyrics that tie into the narrative of the show. For example, the lyrics to the Nine Inch Nails song, “Hurt” which was later covered by Johnny Cash, was the synopsis to episode 9. Listening out for the shows song choices may be clues to the narrative.

This show has many layers for everyone no matter what level you’re on.Double meaning behind Akane’s dance and dance of blood. Rolling Stone and Variety didn’t like the finale because it was too confusing, and that’s ok!  But it doesn’t mean the show wasn’t good just because YOU didn’t get it!  Just enjoy the areas you appreciate about it and leave it at that. There’s thousands of ppl around the country who do get it!!  We’re just not used to TV shows that make us think deeply about ourselves and life.
Episode 45:  Final Tony Cade of Challenges Games & Comics Interview - Part 3 of 3
HOSTS:   Tony Cade, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: July 14, 2018
DURATION:   39:26
In this final 3 part series interview with Tony Cade, we cover the following:  
Hard science fiction comics vs sf/fantasy, what sells the most.

SF Fantasy is more popular than hard science fiction in comic books.  Star Wars is fantasy, and not really science fiction.
What comics are you excited about that you are currently selling and one's that are coming out this year? Saga Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars #1 trade paperback. Brian Michael Bendis soft reboot of Superman – the New Man of Steel, and the New Justice League launch Scott Snider, in a few months, Fantasitc Four coming back to comics!

Fox Disney merger, Netflix theaters coming soon!

Diversity in Comics or lack there of.  Some reasons for this and some solutions on how to change it. (covering gender, race, sexuality and disability)

Since Black Panther, have you noticed an increase of comic book writers interested in turning their book into a film?

Challenges of getting the financing for your comic books. Resources needed to invest in our own content.

James Cameron SFX vs Narratives.

How are you able to juggle all 3 of these companies?  Take us into a day in your life!
Episode 44:  WW Wed Season Finale "Passengers" S2, E10 - Part 3 of 4
HOSTS:   Colin, Zak, Ellie Collins, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: July 11, 2018
DURATION:   40:11
Picking up where we left off with speculating the reason for the shows inconsistencies or unexplained plots.
William aka Man in Black getting shot up, digging a hole in his arm without flinching, strongly suggests he’s a host!

Jeffrey Wright one of the best actors around.  But Bernard seems too easy to be controlled.  Will we see Bernard in
control more in season 3?
Is Arnold’s story complete?  Is Bernard finishing his story?
Bernard and Deloris linked relationship

Charlottes secret weapon in Clementine.
Tessa Thompson acting was incredible when she became

Any chance Elsie can come back?.
Stubbs a Host of surprises! :D

So where was that scanner?

Nils Allen "Booboo" Stewart Jr. – played the young son in Ghost Nation, Ellie Collins worked with him
when they were 18 yrs old.

Shogun World and Ghost Nation was such a tease!!
Episode 43:  Tony Cade of Challenges Games & Comics - Part 2 of 3
HOSTS:   Tony Cade, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: July 8, 2018
DURATION:   32:51
In part 2  of this interview with Tony Cade, owner of Challenges, Games & Comics, we cover on the following:

1. Terminus Media - what made you start a publishing company, which did you start first and what is your focus for it now?  And What are some challenges with self-publishing?
Terminus Media has a very diverse staff. Offered art classes and screenwriters groups, led to producing comics.
How Kickstarter was used to get things going.
They produced Evolution comic books. .
Produced educational drama for CDC, Gilded Age by John McGuire – set in a Steampunk World.  Route 3 series by Robert Jeffrey – nominated for Glyph Comics Award – it’s about a youth from Stone Mountain with ancient powers.
AMC North Dekalb Mall 16 movie theater, is Only $6.50 EVERYDAY through next Spring 2019, when the new shopping plaza will take over the area! Other great stores in North Dekalb Mall are: Leaping Lizards, Video Game Lounge and Creative Art Connect. Support your local comic stores!!

2. Tell us about the Atlanta Sci-fi & Fantasy Expo.This expo is all about spotlighting the independent artists! Next years 5th Annual Atl Sci-fi Fantasy Expo will be the same weekend as Captain Marvel and the last one at this Mall!  This Expo is FREE in North Dekalb Mall.  This past Spring they had over 50 vendors and gaming area, 72 speakers, over 60hrs worth of programming. It’s like a “How to” Con. You can learn how to do everything from costuming, writing, art etc…
Episode 42:  WW Wed Season Finale "Passengers" S2, E10 - Part 2 of 4
HOSTS:   Colin, Zak, Ellie Collins, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: July 6, 2018 (late release :)
DURATION:   41:10
In this 2nd half we cover:

- How will Felix and Sylvester handle their role, given their life changing experience in the park. 
- Maeve's strong scenes throughout this season and ending with her gang of Bulls!! And her new cornerstone for season 3, now that   she accomplished her goal to save her daughter.
- Our favorite, “put that quote on a shirt” lines!
- Deloris & Charlotte body swap and Lisa Joy's plot confirmations
- What was up with Delos "mall cop" security force?  They should have been able to afford better security!  Don't know who's worse,
  Storm Troopers or Clone Troopers! LOL
- How about a re-cut version of this series in chronological order!
- Bickering over the shows inconsistencies.  Will the writers fill in these gaps later or leave it to the audience to accept it as "movie logic"
  or plot devices?
- Deloris getting her come upping from Bernard!
- Is The Man in Black a host or not??  Time to pick a side!!
Episode 41:  Tony Cade of Challenges Games & Comics - Part 1 of 3
HOSTS:   Tony Cade, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: July 1, 2018
DURATION:   33:55
Interview with Tony Cade, owner of Challenges, Games & Comics. Started out collecting comic books, competing in chess competitions and was captain of chess team since 9yrs. Had a few stores over the years, partnered with Tim Cummings on first comic shop in Poncey-Highlands called Midtown Studios. Then Quantum Comics on Highlands area, then his solo shop in a flea market on Memorial Drive, then store front, then to North Dekalb Mall Challenges, Games & Comics with 3,500 sq ft for over 5 years!

Having a storefront with Gaming for the activities and experience. And an outlet for kids in the community, a place where they can go that was safe andWas a photographer for Atlanta Fantasy Fair.

Reminiscing the early days of Dragon Con when it was just a handful of African American people who attended.  Challenges as a black entrepreneurs and comic book owner.  The state of comic book stores and does the comic movies entice people to read the comic book?
Episode 40:  WW Wed Season Finale "Passengers" S2, E10 - Part 1 of 4
HOSTS:   Colin, Zak, Ellie Collins, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 24, 2018
DURATION:   34:39
FULL ON SPOILER & Explicit Language!

Today’s guest: Colin, Zak & Elle joins Amanda in dissecting the compelling season finale of Westworld!  The season tied up nicely for the most part, but then we were hit in the neck with more shocking reveals!   We were given a lovely gift of answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask!  Stubbs reveal, "Charloris" "or "Haleoris" (Charlotte & Deloris bot merge) etc...

It would be So great to have a re-cut of the entire season in chronological order!  We bicker and nitpick over small but important bits in the narrative and are uncomfortable with some inconsistencies in Westworld's narrative.

The transformation from Tender Teddy to Terminator Teddy!  And seeing Deloris curled up next to dead Ted was touching.
Round table question - Who were you rooting for?  Human or Hosts?

Most of us thought Sizemore grew into his name and went out like a “G”! LOL . But Colin had a different take on it.
Episode 39:  Humans vs Westworld - Part 3 of 3
HOSTS:   Grace Rowe, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 24, 2018
DURATION:   29:26

In this final 3 part episode, Grace and Amanda discuss Humans marketing challenges, compared to HBO's juggernaut promotion machine.  Exploring the actors of both shows, Westworld's bankable cast vs Humans extremely talented fresh new faces. Pros and Cons of accepting a role from a familiar actor vs an unknown.  Humans has more moments of humor and lite fare, where Westworld is more serious and dark. Writers of Humans create smart comedy scenes with human children mimicking robots.  Looking at the diversity of both shows, Westworld has that completely covered!  But Humans face of the show is an Asian women, which is very powerful.  The importance of creating A.I. that reflects the diverse world we live in.

Although Westworld may be challenging with its complex plots and time jumps, it's worth the intellectual exercise.  And it broadens our understanding of the human experience and what lies beneath our daily mundane lives.  While providing escapism, Humans gives you an emotional experience and journey through the eyes of victims of discrimination.  The writers do a excellent job in also showing the response of these acts by the humans and synths, which makes the viewers ponder over our own reaction to what we see every day!  Both top rated shows are a must see!

Show Mentions:

Gemma Chan - Plays Mia, lead Synth in Humans (new movie, Crazy Rich Asians)
Emily Berrington - Plays Niska, synth works at a brothel in Humans
Carrie-Anne Moss - Plays Dr. Athena Morrow in Humans
Altered Carbon
Akira Kurosawa
Episode 38:  WW Wed S2, E9 Vanishing Point
HOSTS:   Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 20, 2018
DURATION:   30:00

Amanda covers one of the Darkest episodes we have seen in Westworld!
Questions and areas covered are: 

- Given this new reveal about William, how will the show wrap up the season next week for the finale?
- Who made William a host?  
- So if the scanner is in the hats, what happens when you take it off?
- Are some of the shows plot lines are getting a bit disjointed
- Comparing the show to a magic trick and the writers are the magicians.
- If Teddy had free will the whole time, then how can he allow himself to be controlled?  Was it voluntary?
- I knew Deloris couldn't survive without Teddy!  She's just a big bully and without her henchmen and posse, she's nothing!
- Charlotte tries to use Maeve the Force weapon against the hosts.  But her efforts will probably prove futile.  Maeve will wake    up and be stronger than ever!
- Bernard - "Give us Free!" Breaks the chains from Ford's control, but may later come to see that he was just trying to protect   him.

Episode 37:  Humans vs Westworld - Part 2 of 3
HOSTS:   Grace Rowe, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 17, 2018
DURATION:   28:31

Part 2 with Grace & Amanda picks up with the difficulties in comparing these two great series.  Explaining Westworld themes, sometimes confusing plots and the shows deeper message.  The dichotomy between both the hosts and the synths passing as humans, while one was created to act more robotic and later try's to pass, hosts are created to look, feel and act exactly like humans!  Also taking a deeper look at how most A.I. is usually created to look the more attractive segment of our race, but the hosts in WW cover a wide range of qualities, features and ethnicities.

***Despite its name, this podcast is not a thorough comparison of these shows, as neither have seen both series, but instead to see what these two shows can teach us while also making some comparisons in several major areas.  Deeper thoughts and analysis is made on how both of these shows are a direct reflection on the human experience and what we can learn from these shows.

Show Mentions:
Hundredth monkey effect
Episode 36:  WW Wed S2, E8 Kikusya
HOSTS:   Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 13, 2018
DURATION:   23:30

One of the most romantic episodes to date, filled with love, loyalty and truth.  Amanda recaps Akecheta's love affair with Kohana and explores some deeper messages this show may have for all of us! Pointing out some interesting parallels this show has to our own lives.  Questioning our own life of free will or predestination!  What if this show, isn't just for entertainment?  What if the show Westworld was the MAZE, here to unlock something within us all!

Inception - Quote by Leonardo's character Cobb
The Nature of your Personal Reality by Jane Roberts
Maeve the force be with you!!
Hundredth monkey effect
Episode 35:  Humans vs Westworld - Part 1 of 3
HOSTS:   Grace Rowe, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 10, 2018
DURATION:   33:39

Grace Rowe - winner of Audience Choice Award for Best Sci-fi short, joins Amana in celebrating two popular sci-fi series. Grace discuss all things Humans, while Amanda express her love for Westworld, but both series are awesome and worthy of many awards!  Despite its name, this podcast is not a thorough comparison of these shows, as neither have seen both series, but instead to see what these two shows can teach us while also making some comparisons in several major areas.  Deeper thoughts and analysis is made on how both of these shows are a direct reflection on the human experience and what we can learn from these shows.

Show Mentions:
The Sweetening,
Dr. Ayanna Howard - Chair of the School of Interactive Computing at GA Tech
Award Winning Film Director, Oscar Sharp and A.I. Researcher & Technologist, Ross Goodwin
Stephen Hawking -talking about A.I.
Dr. Bethany Jacobs
Hundredth monkey effect
Akira Kurosawa
Episode 34:  WW Wed S2, E7 - Les Ecorches
HOSTS:   Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 6, 2018
DURATION:   33:33
In dissecting episode 7, host Amanda Ray picks out a flaw in Lawrences awakening or autonomy that doesn't fit with the shows narrative. Gives the meaning of Les Ecorches and while it may not be about the Drone hosts, it still ties into the episode. Speculating on what will become of the new tougher Bernard and how Ford's decision to change Bernard is exactly what Deloris did with Teddy. William aka Man in Black should be dead by now, UNLESS he's a host! Charlotte finally gets put in her place and thinks she can negotiate her way out of getting sliced up by Deloris!
Episode 33:  Drowning Solo in a Deadpool 2 over 1
HOSTS:  Mason DeMerieux, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: June 3, 2018
DURATION:   45:01
Amanda and returning guest, Mason DeMarieux of Raven Cliff Media, give their two cents on Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2.  Why Solo missed the mark and what they got right with Deadpool 2 and what other films they may have borrowed from.  Discussing some influences Deadpool 2 may have gotten from Looper and Terminator!
Episode 32:  WW Wed S2, E6 - Phase Space
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: May 30, 2018
DURATION:   25:50
In this podcast episode, Amanda will cover: Deloris & Bernard's role reversal, comparing it to William & James Delos. Teddy may end up becoming Deloris's Frankenstein, and how weird is it that Teddy remembers who he was and what Deloris did to him, but is helpless to do anything about it!

Did the writers make a mistake by ending the Akira Kurosawa inspired, Shogun world so soon?  Wouldn't it be a great idea to do a spin-off of the Shogun World later down the line! But first the writers need to clean up their portrayal of Native Americans with the new Ghost Nation narrative?

Bet money William's right his daughter is a host! Maeve finally finds her daughter! But will she accept Maeve as her mother? And at last, we see Anthony Hopkins again!  So does this finally prove that Ford and Arnold's consciousness was uploaded into the park?
Episode 31:  Dear Black Filmmaker!
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: May 27, 2018
DURATION:   31:48
This episode is dedicated to black filmmakers around the world!  Today's host Amanda Ray, implores black filmmakers to create science fiction films and discuss the importance and impact this genre has on the black community. 

Referencing the following: Article in Indie Wire where Kevin Grevioux's theory on the reason for the lack in sci-fi filmmakers in The Grio, Pumzi by Wanuri Kahiu, Ryan Coogler and Ava DuVernayAtlanta Sci-fi Film Festival.

Asking questions, Where do you see black people in 20-25 years from now?  How will our lives and experiences appear to be different or remain the same?  How will we adapt to change with respect to technology and science?  If we can't perceive our future, how can we create it!
Episode 30:  WW Wed S2, E5 - Akane No Mai Part 2
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, Dr. Bethany Jacobs
PUBLISHED: May 25, 2018
DURATION:   32:17

Spoiler Alert!  

Today we continue with Dr. Bethany Jacobs in discussing the following points:  How Westworld's narrative asks a lot of the same questions we think about in real life.  Using the shows characters, Deloris, Maeve and Teddy, the narrative dances between what part of our lives are predestined and what is of our own free will.  Is Ford and Arnold still alive as code calling the shots? 

Is Maeve & Deloris evolving and truly becoming autonomous?  Are Maeve and Deloris characters following the Martin Luther King vs Malcom X false dichotomy of good vs evil.  So far, the shows creators are following the white western epistemologies, by showing a white British male as the father or God in the show, but yet their main characters don't fit in that historical mold.  Refreshing to see asian women find their strength to fight against abuse and oppression, through the Geisha double-bots.
Episode 29:  WW Wed S2, E5 - Akane No Mai Part 1
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray, Dr. Bethany Jacobs
PUBLISHED: May 23, 2018
DURATION:   22:23

Spoiler Alert!  

GA Tech's Afrofuturism professor, Dr. Bethany Jacobs joins Amanda in a in-depth discussion on episode 5, where we discuss the reason for Deloris's decision to get rid of Teddy.  And how the shows narrative explores pre-destination vs free will and even double pre-destination, and how it can be applied in our own lives. 

We also cover Maeve's transformation into the most powerful host, using psychological warfare!  We couldn't help but review how culture was integrated into the show, what worked and what didn't work.  And how we loved the Double-bots in the Samurai World!!    
Episode 28:  Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuiliding Puerto Rico Graphic Novel
HOSTS:  Deysha Paredes
PUBLISHED: May 19, 2018
DURATION:   10:00

Spoiler FREE!  

Co-Host Deysha discuss DC Comics teaming up with independent writer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez to create an anthology comic that teams up original character La Borinqueña with some of DC’s most iconic heroes like, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to raise funds for the Puerto Rico relief efforts. Ricanstruction: Reminiscing and Rebuilding Puerto Rico will see 150 writers, artists and celebrities like Rosario Dawson, Tara Strong, Frank Miller.  

Entertainment Weekly article:   http://ew.com/books/2018/04/23/frank-miller-cover-rosario-dawson-puerto-rico-relief-comic/ La
Borinqueña website:   https://www.la-borinquena.com/ 
Anthology book Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ricanstruction-Reminiscing-Rebuilding-Puerto-Rico/dp/0692092218  
Episode 27:  WW Wed- The Riddle of the Sphinx
HOSTS:  Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: May 16, 2018
DURATION:   27:34

Spoiler Alert!  

This weeks show is hosted by Amanda and in this Spoiler review of E4, the plot thickens like cold peanut butter!!  Here are some highlights.

Must admit, it’s nice to see an episode without Deloris! Needed a break from her intense scenes.  But she's probably channeling her personal experience of rape she reveals Washington Post. to pull off the revenge plot. Washington Post.

YAAAAAY Elsie’s back!  Ford clearly has more plans for Elsie that she is aware of.   I think he’s going to use her to blow the whistle on what William was doing there!

William's interview with Daddy Delos aka James (Jim) Delos, was for a special test we’ve come to see a LOT in sf films, the Alan Turing Test!
And who is the extra Control Unit made for? Was it for Ford, William, or Arnold??
Don’t like the way Native Americans are being portrayed in this show!

And were those red velvet looking cupcakes the core for the control unit brain? I know those tasty delights were at the core of my hungry brain! Lol
Episode 26:  Dark City - 20 Yrs Later, Still Sf Cult Classic
HOSTS:  Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: May 13, 2018
DURATION:   27:42

Part Spoiler Free!  

Celebrating 20 years since the release of Alex Proyas, Dark City in Feb 1998, Amanda takes us down memory lane of one of the smartest sf films around. She explores the depth of this film to fellow members of what she calls, “the obscure sf movie club.”  Bringing light to some influences and comparisons to The Truman Show (Jun 1998), The Matrix, Inception, Star Trek and Westworld!  Such as: Murdoch aka Deloris, Dr. Schreber aka Arnold, Shell Beach and Feji comparison and the Borg’s collective mind – similar their “Tuning” abilities where they share a collective consciousness.  

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly and William Hurt. Proyas also directed, The Crow and iRobot. Other mentions: Slashfilm.com, Amazon.

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, Funny scenes: Poor, Poor Mr. Quick, the kid Stranger looking like Mini-me from Austin Powers.
Episode 25:  Westworld Wed's "Teddy Found his Spine!
HOSTS:  Colin Sharpe, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: May 9, 2018
DURATION:   54:53

Full Spoilers Alert!

Colin Sharpe and Amanda Ray bring you thought provoking conversations on: Teddy's ballsy move to defy Deloris, show comparisons to: Futureworld - the sequel to the original Westworld movie, Hunger Games and The Matrix.  Familiar John Hammond trope from Jurassic Park, reappearances of actor Steven Ogg from The Walking Dead!
Episode 24:  Black Lightning & Luke Cage review
HOSTS:  Deysha Paredes, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: May 6, 2018
DURATION:   40:10

Full Spoilers Alert!

Today's guest, Deysha Paredes - a hardcore comic lover, calling in from NYC, joins Amanda in comparing TV series, Black Lightning to Luke Cage!  Both had a great start and is still going strong with renewed seasons, but both still struggle in certain areas, one more than the other.  We look at how real life experiences are played out in the series, the origins of the comic book characters, and where season 2 may take us.   Articles mentioned, Forbes magazine.
Episode 23:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - "Wearing the Devil’s Hat"
HOSTS:  Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: May 2, 2018
DURATION:   23:00

Full Spoilers Alert!

Today's podcast, hosted by Amanda Ray is called, "Wearing the Devil's Hat" her review of Westworld's episode 2 "Reunion," and will cover, the mild face-off between Maeve and Deloris, which feels a bit like Black Panther's T-Challa & Killmonger, Malcom X & MLK played out in X-Men's Magnito & Professor X conflict.

A fan theory that William was, sentenced to the park as punishment.  And his creation, "The Weapon" is a clone factory that Deloris will use to build her army of hosts for world domination.  Delos created the WW theme park similar to a "drug front," masking his more sinister plan.Deloris finds her own "Black Felix Lutz" a black tech who she uses like Maeve uses Felix.
Episode 22:  Avengers:  Infinity War review
HOSTS:  Mason DeMerieux, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: Apr 28, 2018
DURATION:   38:53

Full Spoilers Alert!

Today we welcome special guest, Mason DeMerieux of Raven Cliff Media, an award winning digital media professional who has written, produced and edited on-air and online creative content for Cartoon Network and Fox Sports. Mason - a life time comic book addict, joins Amanda in discussing this epic superhero movie, and predictions for Captain Marvel!  We answer questions such as:  What was your funniest scene and line?  And which Marvel superhero made you like him/her?

We also discuss the impact Wakanda had in this film.  Seeing culture infused in a comic book movie, has never been done before in cinema.  Also Okoye (played by Danai Gurira) line about imaging a "Starbucks in Wakanda," I'm sure this line would have been Very different, if used at all, post the Starbucks Arrest of 2 black men!!  Here's the original line, "When you said you were going to open up Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined," Okoye laments to T'Challa.  "What did you imagine?" "The Olympics... maybe even a Starbucks."
Always love seeing Shuri (played by Letitia Wright) again, especially when she's out-smarting Banner! :p
Episode 21:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - Atl WW Screening Event S2, E1 Recap Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Ellie Collins, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: Apr 25, 2018
DURATION:   40:46

Full Spoilers & Profanity Alert!

Ellie, Zac and Amanda share what it was like seeing Westworld on a big theater screen! Lee Sizemore character is similar to Gaius Balter in Battlestar Gallactica, as both get on your nerves but they play their wormy roles very well.   Continues with the Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster theme. 

A question from a male audience member at the Q&A pane about the uncomfortable full frontal male nudity. This would not have been a question if Maveve was nude again!  The question only came up because we're not used to seeing male actors in full frontal nude roles!  Fitting to have "Size-More" in such a vulnerable state, Maeve made him feel lower as he made her feel the same way in her narratives.  Also we needed to see if Sizemore had any balls! LOL Bernard & Deloris role reversal. Bernard is physically and mentally struggling. 

Best line from Deloris line after people are begging her for their life, "It doesn't look like anything to me!"
Episode 20:  Atlanta Westworld Screening Event & Episode 1 Recap Part 1 of 2_
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Ellie Collins, Amanda R.
PUBLISHED: Apr 22, 2018
DURATION:   29:37

Zac, Ellie and Amanda give a two part recap of the advanced screening of Westworld S2, EP event in Atlanta on April 19th! In this half we cover one of the most experiential events in Atlanta this year!  Next week on Westworld Wednesday's we'll release the second part that covers our review of the first episode.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History was the perfect venue to screen Westworld!   The irony to screen Michael Crichton's Westworld in a museum that has Dinosaurs everywhere was amazing!  It also felt like we were attending a Delos Incorporated gala to view Westward!  But this one, unlike in the show, ended much better!  Seeing the beautiful women dressed in all white dresses really helped set the mood before going into the theater!  This event was very different from TribeccaFilm Festival & Comic Con panels, for Atlanta we had a more southern charm with an intimate vibe and high-end but laid back at the same time. Themed Cocktail drinks - Felix Elixir and Maeve Millay was excellent!  Even the  catering was great!!  Proof Pudding did a great job!  Production designer Zeke Waters from Savannah College of Art worked with Amanda Ray and HBO on designing a beautiful reception space with images from the show and a cowboy hat wall.

The energy of the guests was high and were exciting to see the show!  After the screening, Astronaut, Leland Melvin gave a great interview with Leonardo Nam (who plays Felix Lutz) - was down to earth, hilarious, personable, gave great advice to actors!  The audience asked questions about Leo and his experience on the show.  Betty Gabriel, new cast member in Westworld Season 2 and from the movie Get Out would have been a great addition to the panel.  MCSFO has a very small team and could not have done this without them!
Episode 19:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - The Writers of Westworld
HOSTS:  Colin Sharpe
PUBLISHED: Apr 18, 2018
DURATION:   32:28
SPOILER ALERT - for WW Season 1!

In this episode of the MCSFO podcast, our host Colin Sharpe talks about the Writing of HBO's Westworld.  He starts with the great writers of the show - Michael CrichtonJonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and takes a deep dive into the structure of Westworld’s story, and finishes with some predictions about Season 2!

Show mentions: M. Night Shyamalan
Music played in podcast - Jethroe
Episode 18:  A Quiet Place movie review
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Apr 15, 2018
DURATION:   26:24
SPOILER ALERT - First half is Spoiler-Free!

Host, Amanda Ray reviews the new sci-fi thriller A Quiet Place.  Speculation as to why the Rotten Tomatoes gave it 95%, while the audience gave it 86%.  Did it live up to the 95% review rating?  While well executed and perfectly acted, some areas in the plot were predictable and unrealistic.   But would have made a great extension to the Cloverfield franchise!  The silence in the film put's you in the mind of a Alfred Hitchcock or Twilight Zone episode.  The alien creature was fast but not as scary, and it looked more like a cross between The Last Elemental – that plant monster in Hellboy and the Demogorgon from Stanger things! It ended very strong and left you looking for a sequel! Great job Krasinski on directing!
Episode 17:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - The Men of Westworld Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Apr 11, 2018
DURATION:   35:21
SPOILER ALERT - Only up to episode 6!

In the 2nd half of this 2 part episode, Colin and Amanda discuss Ford and Arnold's decision to make this Westworld (WW) theme park targeted to majority filthy rich while men.  And speculate on a different theme park where women are the target market.  And what it would be like if there was a real WW theme park today.  Last month HBO answered that question by re-creating the theme park at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where actors dressed like cowboys, acted out loops just like hosts in the town of Sweetwater.   They also dissect The Man in Black's quest for the maze and where his journey will ultimately lead him.
Episode 16:  Ready Player One - Movie Review Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Ellie Collins
PUBLISHED: Apr 8, 2018
DURATION:   26:20
Host Zak and special guest/co-host Ellie Collins plug back in to Part 2 of Ready Player One. Last time we talked about the social analysis, this time we're all about the movie references.

References made in this podcast:

Theory:  Ready Player One's True THREAT
McSweeney's - Ready Player Two:  Girl Stuff
Episode 15:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - The Men of Westworld Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED: Apr 4, 2018
DURATION:   25:03
SPOILER ALERT - Only up to episode 6!

In the first of this two-part episode, Colin and Amanda explore this male dominated world and the powerful men who we love, and love to hate!  We discuss why this Westworld theme park is targeted to mostly men, and what it would be like if it were targeted to mostly women. Peeling back the dark layers of Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins.  Comparing Ford to a God and Frankenstein, with the monsters created out of his work, like The Man in Black! 
We celebrate the bankable male actors in the show and how perfectly casted they are for these roles.
Episode 14:  Ready Play One - Movie Review Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Ellie Collins
PUBLISHED: Apr 1, 2018
DURATION:   32:32
Host, Zak and co-host Ellie Collins co-op this two-part review and analysis of Ready Player One, a 2011 book by Ernest Cline and a 2018 movie by Steven Spielberg.In Part 1, Ellie and Zak tackle the social commentary of RPO, including its shortcomings and scope, and the attempts to update these from book to movie seven years later.

Episode 13:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - Robots, A.I. & Hosts
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Mar 28, 2018
DURATION:   18:00
In this very special episode, I am joined by: Roboticist Dr. Ayanna Howard - Chair of the School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Award Winning Film Director, Oscar Sharp and A.I. Researcher & Technologist, Ross Goodwin

In preparation for HBO's Westworld season 2, premiering Sunday April 22nd, we’re going to delve deep in to the world of robots, A.I. and hosts!  In season 1, we watch Maeve seemingly making her own choices but is later told that she was still being controlled and someone was programming her.  So we'll discuss what it means for robots to be self aware and autonomous.  And how that may or may not be different from being human.
Episode 12:  Still Loving Assassin's Creed: Origins
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Ellie Collins
PUBLISHED:  Mar 25, 2018
DURATION:   35:00
Zak Vaudo and special/soon-to-be-regular guest Ellie Collins are back to dive into Assassin's Creed: Origins.  Six months after its release, the duo examine its story and world-building, the game's representation of culture, game mechanics, and the newest DLC--including Discovery Mode!

Articles discussed in this podcast:  Forbes 
Episode 11:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - The Women of Westworld
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Ellie Collins
PUBLISHED:  Mar 21, 2018
DURATION:   30:00
Today's Host, (human host, not host-host :p) Zak and special guest Ellie Collins (writer, podcaster) discuss the women of Westworld: how the women of season 1 are carrying over into season 2, how the show treats the women characters in the narrative and the show, and how the perspective of the show shapes the treatment of the women.

Below are links that we referenced:
Episode 10:  Pacific Rim Uprising & Kaiju
HOSTS:  Colin Sharpe
PUBLISHED:  Mar 18, 2018
DURATION:   36:02
Our co-host Colin will be covering some history and love for Kaiju, and his expectation of Pacific Rim Uprising! His love for all the great classic monster movies like Godzilla and King Kong!
Episode 9:  Westworld Wednesday's Podcast Series - Westworld Season 1 Recap 
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Mar 14, 2018
DURATION:   30:42
CONTENT WARNING (PAL): Strong Language used in this Podcast.

After watching season 1 of Westworld again, there were some new things I picked up on and understanding some others on a deeper level!  Here's a quick outline of the show.   Teddy is the Kenny of Westworld! LOL

The Man in Black went to WW to find himself.  But like a kid playing a game with your parents where they let you win, you are happy at first, until you realize they let you win! So now you want to win fair and square!  Well why didn’t Ford tell him to take his ASS back home to the REAL WORLD and go live in the projects in Chicago or something if he wants adventure!  The Man in Black is such a simp!  He never really learned how to deal with difficult ppl like his brother in law, Logan.  He still couldn’t survive in the REAL WORLD!

Arnold – from the beginning Arnold was giving Deloris a steady dose of The Matrix Red Pills throughout the entire season! Raising the question of self awareness and what it means to be self aware in relation to the definition of being human in a TV Show is almost unheard of!

Small prediction for season 2 - Elsie is coming back!!! Either to see her dead body or as a host!
Episode 8:  Annhilation Movie Review
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Mar 11, 2018
DURATION:   17:38
First half is SPOILER FREE!! Annihilation is visually addictive, but hair-raising and creepy at the same time!! A cross between the artsy sci-fi film, Skin with Scarlott Johansen and John Carpenter’s, “The Thing.”  Alex Garland, a favorite "bankable" director and writer!  And

Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson gave their usual stellar performances. Gina Rodriguez reminded me of Vasquez from the movie Aliens!  Oscar Isaac and Nathalie Portman were a great fits for their roles and for Alex!  I think they're all cut from the same creative cloth!  And that BEAR mutant, with a women's voice screaming out of it's throat!! Again, Creepy!!

Garland told Creative Screenwriting, that his adaptation is based on just the first novel in the trilogy!  On Movies Sub-Reddit thread, PaulFThumpkins described the first book as "Creepypasta!"

Also loved the music - Ben Salisbury and (Jeff) Geoff Barrow put their foot in this score! I loved that deeply beautiful twisted melody you hear throughout the film!  In a interview on Slate.com Ben Salisbury says that melody comes from a longer segment of the score known as "The Alien."
Episode 7:  Netflix Mute & Altered Carbon Review
HOSTS:  Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Mar 4, 2018
DURATION:   23:48
MUTE - was a LOUD Hot Mess and all over the place!  Both Altered Carbon and Mute heavily influenced by Blade Runner, Altered Carbon WAY more!  Loved W-A-D-E, Level29invisible and The_Jedi_Hunter comments about Director, Duncan on Reddit!  Points covered in podcast:  Moon Nod was awesome!  Mute & Moon in the same universe?  Slash Film article.

Will Yun Lee - played a better Takeshi Kovacs!  His love affair with Quell was great, they made a powerful couple!  One of the most multicultural shows around, and the only science fiction show/movie I've seen with people speaking Spanish!  Loved beautiful bad ass, Florence Kasumba played one of many baby sitters, was also in Avengers Affinity War, Black Panther and Wonderwomen!
Episode 6:  Black Panther Review Part 2 of 2
HOSTS:  Dubelyoo, Kat, Zak Vaudo, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 25, 2018
DURATION:   26:06
In the 2nd half of this segment we discuss: Disney Parks may be creating a full on, Wakanda Land!!  If so, who will they hire to be in the costumes?  Will we have another "Mickey Mouse is Mexican!" moment?  Quote from Dave Chappelle.  The synergy between African American’s working well with Africans in the narrative and in the characters, was beautiful, despite Sam Jackson's divisive statement of black British actors taking black US roles - The Guardian.  

Here's some other quick points we covered.
Marvel letting filmmakers express themselves in these movies - let the creators create!  As for the music, Michael Ganchino with Dr. Strange started making music that fits the character, also again in Spiderman.  In Thor – Mark Mothersburg was the dude behind Devo.  Coogler brought Ludwig Goransson, and he used as many African sounds as possible - Hollywood Reporter 

Forest Whitiker – gave us “FULL Forest!”  A beloved strong actor, but can he be too strong for this role in BP and in Rogue One?Denzel Whitiker – who played young Zuri, despite having absolutely no relation to Forest, he looked just like him, down to the eyes!!  M'Baku's – (Winston Duke) performance was excellent given his small on screen time.  Could have been dicey if they called him a lot by his real name, Man Ape.  But it was done respectfully due to a black writer!
Episode 5:  Black Panther Review Part 1 of 2
HOSTS:  Dubelyoo, Kat, Zak Vaudo, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 25, 2018
DURATION:   32:10
We're super excited to be joined by several guests to celebrating the opening of Black Panther (BP)!  In the studio today, our regular hosts, Zak Vaudo with guest: Dubelyoo of Art Beats and Lyrics and girlfriend Kat.  Here's a short list of bullet points and mentions in the podcast:  Predicting they'll be a new Killmonger series on Netflix!  T'Challa's sheltered experience from the rest of his country and the world was going through.  

Vulture article on BP costume designer, Ruth E. Carter.  Black people bringing back the ole Kente cloths and Dashiki and showing up in full Cosplay to the theater!  Will Letitia Wright be the next Black Panther or play Riri Williams in Iron Man??  Where is Shuri’s character going in BP? Will it follow the comic version?  Also did you see her starring in Black Mirror's episode – Black Museum  Didn't like Okoye (Dani Gurira) and W'Kabi's  (Daniel Kaluuya) tense relationship and potential battle.
Episode 4:  Altered Carbon - Netflix Series Review
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo
PUBLISHED:  Feb 4, 2018
DURATION:   27:23
Zachary Vaudo is giving a Spoiler-FREE review of Netflix’s first series of 2018, Altered Carbon! Released on February 2nd, it is a massive storm of cyberpunk detective goodness. Raw, intense, silly, and engaging, this adaptation of Richard Morgan’s early-2000s novel is visually stunning, highly entertaining, and surprisingly complex with concepts on multiculturalism, personal identity, and philosophy in the future.
Episode 3:  Meet The Host of Season 2 MCSFO Podcast_3 of 3
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 11, 2018
DURATION:   39:12
We're discussing our expectations of Black Panther! Our concerns with the heavy handed marketing campaign. T’Challa’s sister, Shuri is the smartest person in the Marvel universe, out ranking Tony Stark - According to Comic Book Resources www.cbr.com/black-panther-shuri-smartest-person/ The great soundtrack with Kendrick Lamar. Anticipation for the return of Westworld - season 2. HBO working with MCSFO on promoting Westworld to a diverse audience. Other titles, actors, characters mentioned: Serenity/Firefly, Thandie Newton, Mr. Black, Sansar VR company, The Shape of Water Oscar nominations. Predictions and concerns for Ava Duvernay’s a Wrinkle in Time film, will it be more style over substance?? Excitement for Annihilation, with it’s strong all female cast and great Ex-Machina director, Alex Garland. New sf film, and The Beyond by Hasraf Dullul is gaining momentum!. MCSFO’s new sci-fi film festival for Children – Kids with S.T.E.A.M. and this year’s theme for the annual Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival.
Episode 2:  Meet The Host of Season 2 MCSFO Podcast_2 of 3
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 11, 2018
DURATION:   27:42
Remembering Ursula Le Guin, one of the best sci-fi/fantasy authors in our time, died on Jan 22nd. We’re discussing several of her books – Earthsea, The Dispossessed and The Left Hand of Darkness. And the Sci-fi Channel miniseries adaptation of Earthsea, and how Ursula’s main points in the book were sorely missed in the series. Issues with adapting sf books and how readers need to approach adaptations. Best example of an adaptation getting it right, The Expanse! Expectations of Altered Carbon and its challenge of being compared to Ghost in the Shell with its white washing issues. Cyber-punk movement is back! Is Netflix’s Dark series may be too dark for some? One of our hosts thinks so. Other sci-fi titles and authors mentioned: Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower, Parable of the Talents, Samuel Delaney’s Nova, Amazon’s Tolkien series, Dune, Netflix’s Bright, ARQ, Fringe, X-Files, William Gibson, The Road, Blade Runner, Black Mirror.
Episode 1:  Meet The Host of Season 2 MCSFO Podcast_1 of 3
HOSTS:  Zak Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe, Amanda Ray
PUBLISHED:  Feb 11, 2018
DURATION:   19:07
Meet the Hosts of Season 2 of the MCSFO Podcast show - Zachary Vaudo, Mike Smith, Colin Sharpe and Amanda Ray!MCSFO Podcast is back with new hosts! Get to know each of us: our backgrounds, knowledge of sci-fi, and what we will each cover on the show. We’re also, covering diversity in sf and changes happening in the fast growing genre. Sharing our experiences falling in love with sf and from the perspective of an African American Women, Jewish bi-sexual male, and from 4 different generations!
(*All 3 episodes were Recorded Jan 25th)