48-hr Sci-Tech Film Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to test out the upload process before the competition begins?
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Yes! All team leaders will be required to complete an upload test, one week prior by uploading a 10 second video introducing their team, which will be shared on social media to promote the competition!

Why can't I use A.I. tech like ChatGPT or Midjourney or similar apps in my film?
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Although we're quite impressed with this new tool filmmakers can use to create their art, the legalities and copyright ownership around it is still trying to catch up this new technology. We are currently discussing how and if we can integrate it into our annual festival as a fun experiment but not as a competition. Until then, have fun creating!

Do I have to dress up for the awards ceremony?
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Yes!  The entire festival will be documented with video and photography, so come dressed to impress! 

What if I just want to come to the 48hr Sci-Tech Film Challenge?
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We welcome audience members to join us for a great evening with lots of energy and excitement.

How many people can there be in a team? 
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Your team can have as many members as you wish.  Your team lead will be the main contact for updates,. Team leads contact details will not be passed on to third parties.

Is there an age requirement to enter?
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Your team lead must be 18 years or older to agree to the terms and conditions.  At least one team member must be 18 or older.  Additional actors can be any age, however you should be aware that some films shown at the premier may include adult themes or content that may not, in some cases be suitable for children and they will need to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian to enter the theater.

Will there be virtual screenings?
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The films will be shown in a theater, we’re not having a virtual screening.

Do I need to come to the screening of the films in the 48HR Sci-Tech Challenge?
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It’s a great opportunity to:  meet all the teams, watch the competing films, see who won and dress up for an award ceremony!  Afterwards, let loose at the after party.  And don’t forget to Network, it’s the Hollywood of the South!

When does the 48hr challenge begin?
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I’m coming to Atlanta for the festival!  Are there any discounts on hotels nearby the venue?
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We would love to arrange a discount at nearby hotels!  However, we’ll need to get a large enough number of visitors in order to secure a discounted rate for a block of rooms.  Contact us after you’ve confirmed your travel arrangements and we’ll let you know what we’re able to do.

Who can enter the challenge?
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Earthers only, for now :) - seasoned, amateur and student filmmakers over the age of 18 can participate in the challenge.

What else do I need to upload to the Filmmakers Bucket?
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Along with your film, you may upload the following supporting documentation. (keep all file sizes as small as possible without ruining the quality.)

  1. BTS video footage documenting your shoot to prove the DAY and TIME you shot your film.
  2. Group shot of your team (jpeg)
  3. Two or three extra still BTS images (jpeg)
Can I upload an updated version of my film?
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You are allowed to upload an updated version of your film if there’s time to do so.  We will only judge the most recent file within the deadline.  Make sure you put V2 in the file name so we know that’s the most recent version.

Do I have to live in Atlanta to enter the challenge?
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No.  This competition is open to filmmakers all over the world!  We  welcome amateur, and professional filmmakers.  We do hope the team members are able to join us for the screening at the Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival.

Do I and/or my team have to pay to see my film screening?
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No.  Admission to the screenings of the 48hr Sci-Tech Film Challenge will be Free for team members, with first come, first served general seating.  The team lead will receive an invitation via email with details on time, date and location as the event nears.

Still have questions?